Three 20-Minute Hairstyle Tutorials You Can Wear Anywhere

Hair bow

Hair bow | - finished

Step 1:

Hair bow | - step 01

Begin this look by swooping all hair down onto the nape of the neck.

Step 2:

Hair bow | - step 02

Make a low ponytail, but don’t pull hair all the way through. There will be a loop of hair and a “tail” hanging underneath.

Step 3:

Hair bow | - step 03

Divide the loop of hair into two sides.

Step 4:

Hair bow | - step 04

With bobby pins, pin each side of the loop against your head. Make sure the sides look symmetrical. Don’t worry about them being perfect though – our hair bow is a little loose and carefree.

Step 5:

Hair bow | - step 05

Braid the “tail” hanging at the nape of your neck and tie off with a hair tie.

Step 6:

Hair bow | - step 06

Bring the braided “tail” up and tuck under to hide the end. Bobby pin into place.

Step 7:

Hair bow | - finished

Tweak bow as needed and you’re finished – so cute.

Fashionista ponytail

Fashionista Ponytail | - finished

Step 1:

Fashionista Ponytail | - step 01

Begin by adding a light wave to your hair.

Step 2:

Fashionista Ponytail | - step 02

Next, make three ponytails stacking them top to bottom – one high at the crown of your head, the other in the middle and the last one at the nape of your neck. Be sure to give each ponytail a good tug to ensure it’s tight.

Step 3:

Fashionista Ponytail | - step 03

Add a texture spray and lightly back-comb each ponytail to pump up the volume.

Step 4:

Fashionista Ponytail | - step 04

Take very small sections of hair and braid each section. Be sure to scatter the braids around sporadically so it doesn’t look contrived (3-4 small braids are perfect).

Step 5:

Fashionista Ponytail | - step 05

You’re finished. Making three separate ponytails keeps your hair looking full and long – you won’t lose any length like you normally do with a regular ponytail – this ponytail is sassy.

Crown braid

Crown braid | - finished

Step 1:

Crown braid | - step 01

Start a loose braid at your bang area. Keep this braid hugging the crown of your head. If hair falls around your face – leave it! We want this look to be easygoing.

Step 2:

Crown braid | - step 02

Once the braid is complete, pin it low at the back of your head.

Step 3:

Crown braid | - step 03

Add a matching braid on the other side and bring around to the back of the head to meet the first braid. Pin the second braid into place (be sure to hide the pins under the hair so they’re not seen).

Crown braid | - step 04

Step 4:

Crown braid | - step 05

Take the ends of each braid and tie them in a knot like you’re tying a shoelace – same concept. Double knot the ends (like you would a shoelace) and pin to hold into place – be sure to hide the pin.

Step 5:

Crown braid | - finished

Give hair a light spray of hairspray to hold. Next, prepare for compliments!

Crown braid | - finished

This article was originally posted October 2014, and updated March 2017.

This post was sponsored by Aveda.


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