Jaden Smith Makes Joke Video, Blows Our Ever-Loving Minds

Hello, fellow humans. Have you seen this yet?

Jayden Smith Vanity Fair

Jayden Smith Vanity Fair

Yes indeed. That’s Jayden Smith. Son of Will and Jada Smith.

Is his name a masculinized version of his mother’s name while his sister Willow’s name is a feminized version of her father’s name? Yes!

Does this video make absolutely zero fucking sense? Same answer!

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The first time I watched it my reaction was just like yours.

Image: Giphy

Wat Lady

Image: Giphy

I found myself asking what did I just watch?

And then I answered my own rhetorical question: It doesn’t matter. The more I watched it, the happier I felt. I’ve watched it eleven times now and I’m fucking euphoric. Watch it again. Seriously, do it. I’ll wait.

Don’t try to analyze it. Don’t try to figure out why? or for what? or Jayden Smith what are you smoking and can I have some, FFS?

If you ask these questions, you’ll ruin it, you’ll fucking ruin it, and I just can’t handle that right now.

With this video, Jayden Smith proves that he is the only thing pure in this world, with his hair looking like a low-budget The Weeknd, rocking that blank expression better than every stoner out there. Trust me, guys, we need this.

Donald motherfucking Trump is president, an accountant ruined the Academy Awards, and that lady who pretended to be black is still pretending to be black even though she is super, super white. She’s completely white and everyone knows it! The jig is up! End this nonsense!

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Everything is fucked and nothing makes sense, so why wouldn’t Jayden Smith shoot a two-minute-and-nineteen-second video for Vanity Fair for no apparent reason while reciting a string of random facts that you’d typically find printed on novelty toilet paper?

I mean, as I see it we have two options after seeing that video. We can sit here asking questions like

Y tho
Image: Giphy



Image: Giphy

But that would be stupid because these are stupid questions. I think we know in our hearts that we don’t deserve to ask these questions.

You think you’re better than Jayden Smith? Wrong. You’ll never be as awestruck by your nose as Jayden Smith is by his. You’ll never have a purer appreciation for the simple facts of our universe than he does.

Just go back and look at his face as he struggles to grasp these most basic of observations about our planet and our species (I’ve watched it sixteen times now). He can’t even handle it. And if you can, it means that you’ve lost the sense of wonder that makes life worth living.

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Our reaction to this video shouldn’t be to ask stupid questions like Seriously, though, are you promoting something? or When did your hair get so long? or Do you use special products on your skin to get it to look so perfect or is it just because you’re still young while I grow increasingly decrepit as the days pass?

Don’t do that. Instead just close the blinds, grab a bag of Doritos and play this video on repeat with the volume cranked to 11.

Let the feelings wash over you. Let go of your ceaseless need for logic and reason. Give in. Give in. Give in.

Mind Blown
Image: Giphy

Thank you, Jayden Christopher Syre Smith. We don’t deserve you.

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

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